Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Project

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Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Project:

This project is meant to provide support to the burgeoning publishing industry in developing countries.  Books developed in a local language or from a local ethnic perspective are critically important for young learners, but often may have too small an audience to be viable for a publisher. However, if translated or otherwise modified, such books might also serve communities in other regions or countries and thereby reach a much larger readership.

Issues of copyright, intellectual property transfer, and the like often impede this mutually beneficial sharing.  Sponsored by IBB, internationally known copyright expert Brian O’Donnell presented a seminar on Rights and Licensing at the 15th Ghana International Book Fair in August, 2017, meant to train publishers on how to overcome these barriers.  The seminar was very well received, and has now been developed, by IBB and its partner CODE, into a web based course that is open to anyone, free of charge.

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