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The International Book Bank is ceasing all operations.

After more than thirty years of work in support of global literacy, the International Book Bank will be closing down permanently as of the end of 2019. We are unable to respond to any requests for books or other resources. We cannot accept any further donations of money, books, or other materials.

We are proud of what we have accomplished and thank our many supporters for joining us in this worthy endeavor.


About Us

The International Book Bank (IBB) has been working for over thirty years to contribute to the furtherance of worldwide literacy. From its beginnings in Chicago in 1987, through the summer of 2016, IBB’s main role was to ship container loads of new books, donated by their publishers, to educational charities in developing countries. During this time we shipped more than 30 million brand new books, mainly to Africa, but also to Asia, Central America, Central and Eastern Europe, and South America. In 2016 we shifted our operation from the delivery of physical “foreign origin” books to the support of indigenous publishing activities. We are also contributing to the dialogue about how best to incorporate electronic text compendia and mobile learning into literacy training and other teaching venues in these countries

IBB’s mission is to increase global literacy and advance education by supporting the development and distribution of books and other educational materials to marginalized populations.

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Our Projects

Reading Liberia

Training and support of Liberian authors, editors, and illustrators. In collaboration with the Liberian NGO We-Care and our long-standing Canadian partner organization CODE.

Intellectual Property Rights & Licensing

Supporting a seminar in Rights and Licensing to facilitate the expansion of indigenous publishing. Kicked off at the 2017 Ghana International Book Fair; online course available on this site.

Mobile Learning in Low Resource Countries

Extended status report and invitation to a continuing dialogue.







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IBB is Ceasing All Operations

After more than thirty years of work in support of global literacy, the International Book Bank will be closing down permanently as of the end [...]

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”


501(c)(3) Organization

IBB is a 501(c)(3) not-for- profit organization incorporated in and under the laws of the State of Maryland.  With no paid staff, we operate through an entirely voluntary Board of Directors drawn largely from the fields of education, publishing, and international development.

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Books Save Lives

Together, we can continue to support the advancement of literacy and make a difference.

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